Roadshow and workshops on how to live well, be healthy and happy. For kids.

WHOLE You; BEST You in a day...

£ 999


The ‘bouncy Tigger’ Roadshow – 50 minutes.

Add 3 x 45-minute workshops to develop and consolidate

the ideas and skills in the Roadshow.

Build in an optional bonus session for staff and/or parents –

I’m flexible, and can deliver what your school needs.

WHOLE You; BEST You, week by week...

£ 199

***All the ideas and skills from the Roadshow.


Growth, development and discussion in groups

within a classroom setting.

Ideal for smaller groups of students you want to target specifically.

Perfect for period 6/catch-up sessions after school.

Bee Loud blue

Lifing. The whole, best version of you. 

Locked down and living solo for the first time ever last year, I lived; I learned; I crashed and burned. Then I rebuilt. Better, stronger, more empowered than I’ve ever been.

I’ve had entire year groups (and their parents) in school halls with lousy acoustics and no PA system. Given half-time team talks to rugby players. (They went on to win…)  Generations of kids stayed entertained and engaged in my English lessons for 25+ years.

This is why I think I’m the ideal person to help make kids better, and that’s why ‘WHOLE You; BEST You’ exists. Because they need all the help they can get, now and always. And they deserve it.

I know this is not just a box-ticking exercise for you: these are YOUR kids. I’m NOT a box-ticker. So call me. We can do this.

07538 257016.

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