Lois Cliff

Lois Cliff, inspiring students over generations

WHOLE You; BEST You roadshow and workshops for kids

If you’re a stressed school leader because you have anxiety-laden children, and your pastoral teams are firefighting brilliantly but unable to deal with the root causes of all the issues presenting themselves, it’s time to take a moment and … breathe.

Increased self-esteem, improved motivation and behaviours for learning, better attendance – the list of ‘possibles’ for your kids is infinite!

But how?

The ‘WHOLE You; BEST You’ bouncy Tigger roadshow and workshops is part of your solution – give kids the life-hacks they might never otherwise discover and empower them to help themselves.

Why do you need me?

Debate veteran. Head Girl. Head of English. Staff trainer. Rugby club team-talk provider. Wellbeing guide and mentor. An Ofsted ‘outstanding’ practitioner and confident communicator, always engaging, my key driver has always been to empower kids.

So, putting ‘WHOLE You; BEST You’ together has been done by someone who knows your pain points, and who knows kids’ stressors equally well. (I was a form tutor for over 2 decades, after all.) I know how schools work. I know assessments – whatever form they take and whoever’s setting them – aren’t going away.

And if you’ve been in education a while, you’re familiar with the saying “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

This is me, doing it a bit differently – which is my thing, to be fair. Kids have enjoyed my different, and thrived on it.

If you want happier, healthier kids with a whole load of ‘can do’ on board, take a look at the video and then let’s talk about how we can work together to make great things happen.

I’m on 07538 257016.


Lois Cliff and Poppy Cliff

With my chief officer for wellbeing


After 25 + years of teaching and examining English, I’m an expert in helping kids get their best grades in Language and Literature. Especially the ones who didn’t think they were any good at English.

GCSE and A level tuition. Via Zoom. Germ-free and DBS certified so safe to work with kids.

p.s. All the students I tutored last year got their predicted grades or better.

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